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AJ Woodall Shipwright & Legacy Nautical

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AJ Woodall Shipwright & Legacy Nautical

•    Sales, service, repair of desalination systems – Agent for CITOR

•    Engine and genset service and repair, including heat exchangers and hydraulics. New engine sales.

•    Propeller and shaft alignments, driveline vibration issues.

•    General Shipwrighting including teak deak installation, vessel restoration and repair.

•    Engineering

•    Pre purchase and insurance inspections for all size boats

•    Cathodic bonding systems for corrosion control – Agent for MPS

•    Traditional boat building and repair

•    All onboard Electrical 240 / 24 /12V and plumbing maintenance

•    Gas detectors and shut off sensors

•    Fuel spinning/cleaning.

•    Full boat programmed maintenance service

•    Fully equipped workshop and mobile units north and south of the river

If you are after a quality service with quality craftsmen and technicians then you can trust AJW Shipwright to deliver.  Aaron is a qualified shipwright with over 25 years hands on experience who is complimented by his team of senior technicians and support staff.  Our repeat business is testament to the quality of our work to recreational, commercial and government craft.


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