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Bayside Boat Concierge

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Vessel Management

Bayside Boat Concierge

Are you too busy to correctly maintain your vessel, leading to unwanted expenses when you finally do get to use it???

Tired of the smallest fault putting an end to, or delaying your planned trip in your boat, which could have been avoided if the boat had been run up previously and/or correctly maintained???

Bayside Boat Concierge aims to provide a hassle-free way to enjoy your boat when YOU want by ensuring your boat is ready to go at all times.

You have spent the money on purchasing and upkeep on your boat and it should not be a hassle to use it.

Services provided:

• Weekly/monthly/quarterly checks as per owners/manufacturers recommendations.

• Vessel run ups and regular sea trials as required.

• Skippering for local, and extended trips. Fully qualified Commercial Vessel Master, and Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 (Basic Engineer).

• Vessel Management for annual dockings and planned/unplanned electrical and mechanical repairs to reduce unnecessary costs. I have been a marine supervisor for 3 major marine companies in the past, therefor have a lot of contacts and can get results on a realistic timeframe, and within budget.

• Re-fuelling and stocking of stores prior to trips, and wash down, clean afterwards.

• Organise and oversea Detailing of vessel to prolong the finish on your vessel.

• Qualified Sailmaker, and have run a successful Marine Trimming Business.

• Huge number of hours logged up and down the east coast of Australia on a large variety of vessels.

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