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Complete Antifoul Systems

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Prop Speed, Paint Repairs, Antifouling & More!

Complete Antifoul Systems

Antifoul and Prop Speed

We have extensive knowledge in the application of all antifouls on the market and complete all works to manufactures specifications ensuring the product applied will work as it should.


Whether you have a gelcoat or 2 pac finished vessel, the benefits of regular detailing are clear to see.  The polishes and waxes used in detailing provide a protective film which helps to protect the finish of your boat against UV and salt degeneration. This will prolonging the life of your finish and makes cleaning your pride and joy much easier.

Paint Repairs

Our paint and gelcoat repair service will ensure any unsightly damage to your vessel is fixed to the highest possible standard. Colour matched to your existing colour you will wonder if the repair ever existed.

Osmosis Repairs

Osmosis in GRP occurs when the water molecules find a way through the selectively permeable membrane, imperfections in the hull coatings. In an effort to prevent Osmosis Blistering it is important to ensure the vessel’s hull is sealed correctly prior to antifouling.


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