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Machan's Marina

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Professional Boat & Yacht Builder & Repairer - Booker Bay, NSW

Machan's Marina

We have a professional team of staff available to clean, paint and polish your vessel.

Overcharged by $1000

Asked for a detailed quote including all incidentals for an antifoul and other work. Was provided with a written Estimate. Expected possibly a couple of hundred more, but insisted that they MUST notify us if ANY extra charges were applicable. What a shock when the invoice arrived $1000 over the estimated cost! Yeah, sure, I know boats can cost more than you think, but it's up to the Specialists to Notify the Customer..... NOT up to the Customer to know everything!!! Rip Off. Will never return.

Donna Bowers, EAST GOSFORD,

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Address: 5-7 Bilba Ave, , BOOKER BAY, NSW, 2257

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