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Nautical Life & Leisure are the exclusive Australian distributors of the Aqua Lily Pad products and anchorsuits.

Aqua Lily Pads are floating water mats and come in 3 sizes:

Aqua Lily Pad JUNIOR - 2.75m x 1.8m - holds 300kg of distributed weight and weighs only 7kg - $550 + freight

Aqua Lily Pad - 5.5m x 1.8m - holds 600kg of distributed weight and weighs only 14kg - $999 + freight

Aqua Lily Pad BULLFROG 6m x 1.8m - holds 725kg of distributed weight and weighs only 17kg $1250 + freight

The Aqua Lily Pads come with a tether so that you can attach it to your boat or wharf etc, and a one year limited warranty.

Want something for the pool?.... check out our Aqua Lily Pad "tadpoles" available in single size ($159) and double ($199).  The single has a pillow on one end and the double has a pillow at either end.

Anchorsuits are neoprene (wetsuit material) covers designed to accommodate anchors. Anchorsuits protect your boats precious gelcoat as well as your toes! Available in several different sizes, a guide is available on our website to help you chose the correct anchorsuit size for your anchor.



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