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Portable Solar Power

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Introducing the Milo

You rely on your phone as a calendar, access to the web, email, and to communicate with friends and family. It’s an extension of you. But without a charge, a world of information and access disappears. That’s why we developed the Milo, to ensure that wherever you go, you’ll never be too far from a convenient charging resource.

It’s simple to use and, through its multiple connectors and USB port, can charge phones, iPods®, cameras, gaming devices, even rechargeable batteries.

The lightweight Milo Solar Chargers use the sun to refuel batteries so you’re making the smart, ecological decision by investing in solar to charge your devices. And because it’s so compact, it’s an easy travel partner.

Charging Multiple Devices

Each Milo Solar Charger is equipped with multiple charge ports allowing you to refuel 2 or more devices at once with one charger.

Charging Speed

You’re looking for more than a trickle charger. All of the Milos offer quick charging USB ports that deliver more than 4x the power of a typical laptop USB port.


You don’t want to be carrying a blanket sized charger to just charge your phone. The Milo Solar Chargers maximize their open size with over 95% of the open surface dedicated to nothing but solar collection. That’s 20% more efficient than a comparable product.


At just over 0.25″ thick, the Milos solar panels fold up neatly and stay closed when packed away. They’re also among the lightest and smallest total folded volume chargers on the market – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice space in your pack or your lower back to bring them along.

Cell 5.0 Power Pack

Storage: 5Wh capacity USB Output Ports: 2 - USB 2.1 & 1 - USB 1.0 Weight: 130g Designed to provide multiple chargers on the go for your small devices, the Cell 5.0 Power Pack is the ideal recharger. Carry it with you wherever you go to recharge your USB connected devices. Power the Cell 5.0 from any USB port. Price $115  

Cell 10.2 Power Pack

Storage: 10.2Wh Capacity USB Output Ports: 1 - USB 1.0 & 1 - USB 2.4 Weight 215g Provides power for an entire family of small devices. The Cell 10.2 Power Pack maintains a sleek, light weight design to offer mulitable charges with numerous devices for on the go recharging. Carry it with you wherever you go to recharge your USB connected devices. Power the Cell 10.2 from any USB port.

Price $215

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