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Ruel Rigging

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Ruel Rigging carry out full rig restoration projects, commissioning of new Hanse yachts and other imported yachts, as well as carrying out the installation and maintenance of yacht rigging accessories such as inmast and inboom furlers, head sail furlers,

Ruel Rigging

Mario Ruel established Ruel Rigging in 1994 but has been involved in the marine rigging world since 1982. He is an experienced rigger with a reputation for the extraordinary quality and thoroughness of his rigging work. In 2014/2015 he was selected to be the Key Ship Rigger for the making of the Pirates of the Carribean 5 Movie in the Goldcoast.

Ruel Rigging will be able to understand your needs, from weekender sailing through to international cruising we will be able to match your needs with your budget, and your crew's level of experience. At Ruel Rigging, we understand that every customer is different, for some beautiful fittings and traditonal methods are important, for others, lightweight solutions and speed maximistion is their final goal. Ruel rigging offer a variety of both traditional and modern rigging services, from standing and running rigging on modern yachts, to traditional rope work and all types of splicing.

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